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The Leidenfrost Effect

20 Sep

The Leidenfrost effect is a phenomenon  in which a liquid, in near contact with a mass significantly hotter than the liquid’s boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer which keeps that liquid from boiling rapidly. 

 It is named after Johann Gottlob Leidenfrost, who discussed it in A Tract About Some Qualities of Common Water in 1756.

All of this can be seen below:

inter // states – A Tokyo timelapse

14 Sep

 A French photographer, Samuel Cockedey, based in Tokyo, has uploaded another one of his mesmerizing time-lapse short films. This one is called inter // states.  It goes without saying that this is best viewed in HD full screen. Here it is!

I Hate Pennies! Scrap’em!

9 Sep

Is education the key to success?

7 Sep

Sir Richard Branson answers questions by Felipe Herriges of  Brazil….

“A diploma can be very useful, since it shows that you have gained the skills and other building blocks required to start your career. But obtaining a diploma is only a first step, and in no way guarantees success. You’ll need a great work ethic and determination to make it—both in business and life. You also need your fair share of good luck. I would advise tackling your studies with a positive attitude—try to enjoy your time at university. Try a few new things while you are there, and maybe even start a business, if this is where your interests lie.”

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