The Monk Shoe

9 Nov

There is not much to be known about the monk shoe. It is a moderately formal shoe, closing the gap between the black-tie oxford, and the six o’clock mass derby. Monk shoes are known for their lack of laces, with a strap and buckle closure. If it has a capped toe, it is usually brogued. Personalize yours with different color straps, different types of metal buckles, and the addition of wingtips.

The following are a few of my favorites:

FIRST PLACE: The Ralph Lauren Double Strap Monk Shoe

It may be the fantastic photograph, or the slightly darker leather brogued toe and the gold buckles. These monks are excellent.

SECOND PLACE: The John Lobb Redmire from the prestige collection.

Bespoke capable and available in mahogany. What more can you ask for?

THIRD PLACE: The Alden Monk Strap Shoe

LAST PLACE:  The Dr. Martens Saxon Duncan Monk Shoe

Sometimes even the thought does not count. Reserve your efforts for dressing Sid Vicious and the members of the Misfits. Thanks for trying.


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