Highlining: A Sport Filled With Slackers

14 Dec

Slacklining is a balance sport that uses nylon webbing tensioned between two anchor points.  A slackline is a line that is not held rigidly taut, yet it is still under some tension. Those who participate in the sport state that the line is like a long and narrow trampoline. The line’s tension can be adjusted to suit the user and different types of dynamic webbing can be used to achieve a variety of feats. The line itself is flat, due to the nature of webbing, which helps keep the slacker’s footing from rolling as would be the case with an ordinary rounded rope. The dynamic nature of the line allows for impressive tricks and stunts.

Highlining is slacklining at large distances above the ground or water. When rigging highlines, experienced slackers take measures to ensure that solid, redundant and equalized anchors are used to secure the line into position. The line itself is often threaded, which means that 9/16-inch webbing is threaded through the hollow core of the normal 1-inch webbing. Highliners may further ensure security by doubling the line and even running a climbing rope along the bottom of the line. Commonly, slackers place a pad under all areas of the rigging which might come in contact with abrasive surfaces. To further ensure safety, most highliners wear a climbing harness with a leash attached to the slackline itself. However, in a sport like this unleashed walks  are not uncommon.


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