Spanish as a language for business

26 Dec

Monocle magazine is a “briefing on global affairs, business, culture, and design.”  Monocle, which is published in Britain, is filled with pages of interesting stories and thought provoking information. I came across the following statistics in the November 2010 issue and found them to be quite interesting, and worthy of a quick post.

7.5 per cent of the global population it is estimated, will speak Spanish by 2030.

14 million people currently study Spanish as a second language.

2050 is set to be the year when the United States will become the leading Spanish-speaking country in the world, with one in three of its residents being of Hispanic origin.

650 per cent increase in Spanish used on the internet between 2000 and 2009, making it the third most used language on the net after English and Mandarin.

150 per cent increase in people learning Spanish has been registered in Japan in recent years, showing that the East is serious about the language. This is mirrored by an 80 per cent increase in Eastern Europe.

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