See Within

9 Feb

When I first watched the following video, See Within, I was instantly intrigued. I followed this man. Where was he going? He moved so eloquently with the music (Big props to Piers Burbrook de Vere and Jeremy Yang for the original score) and came across so many interesting situations. However, it wasn’t until the end of the video, that I realized that through Hugh Miller’s incredible cinematography skills there was an underlying message. This was a promotion. A promotion for the Bigpond Adelaide Film Festival (BAFF). At this point I finally understood the symbolism. This man takes us through a journey, meeting new people, seeing new places, experiencing different situations and at the end he shares it with the world. We, the viewers, are the film maker and the man is the lens. It is simply beautiful! Feel free to let me know if you interpreted this differently or have any other thoughts. Enjoy See Within!

Directed by Kiku Ohe

Produced by Paula Smith and Emily Green
Original Score: Piers Burbrook de Vere and Jeremy Yang
Cinematographer: Hugh Miller
Camera Assists: Maxx Corkindale, Ben Margritch
Art Director: Tony Cronin
Grip: Marcus Bosisto & Mike Smith
Gaffer: Graeme Shelton
Casting: Angela Heesom
VFX: Rising Sun
Agency: Clemenger


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