(notes on) biology

21 Mar

When I was younger I was quite the day-dreamer. Soon my day-dreaming lead to doodling. I then became quite the doodler. I had lots of time to perfect my craft while in school, specifically, classes that could not hold my attention. At some point, the doodle became a little stagnant. I learned that if you drew a picture on one page, and then drew an almost mirror image picture on the next, it could simulate motion. What a fantastic effect! I quickly adopted this technique, and immediatley my doodles came to life, and  snowboarders started doing backflips (off tall mountains over fire pits, etc…). If you understand what I am getting at and can relate then you are sure to love this video by Orana Films! Enjoy!


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  1. annie richardson March 21, 2011 at 5:50 pm #


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