Just A Little More Proximity Flying…

22 Jul

Looking back, I think the last time I posted anything on wingsuits or proximity flying was in Q4 of 2010. Oddly enough, not too many quality videos have come out since then. However, I have found a few choice ones which I enjoy sharing as much as I do watching. Enjoy!

The following is the They Fall. We Fly. trailer for the group MessyFly. This video was shot on location at Paracentro Locarno dive school in  Ticino, Switzerland, and was without a doubt edited beautifully.

Also well edited, the following video shows two members (Major Alastair Macartney and Sergeant Deane ‘Smudge’ Smith) of The Royal British Legion Extreme Human Flight Team, Jump4Heroes, at Mount Brento in Northern Italy, using their wingsuits and proximity flight skills to raise awareness for the Legion. Flying inches from the cliff face for over a minute before deploying their Poppy canopies to land safely. Both of the members in the video are currently serving in Afghanistan. Video edited and produced by Tim Gardiner.

Similar to a couple of the videos that I have posted in the past, the wingsuit pilot,  Joby Ogwyn, performs a wingsuit BASE jump through ‘the crack’ in Switzerland. I like the first few seconds of this video, because Ogwyn’s buddy is pictured sitting, then quickly stands up and ever so quickly and nonchalantly jumps off. Quick, but so cool.


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