Clear – iPhone app

17 Feb

At the tail-end of 2011, I had many conversations with a dear friend of mine regarding resolutions and our own personal plan of attack for 2012. My response was pretty succinct:  Simplify.  With a full time job, grad school, and an entrepreneurial endeavor taking up the majority of my time, I need to squeeze the most out of every free minute. More often than not, those free minutes are spent taking care of the necessities of living, and not more pleasant/fun activities.  So naturally keeping lists, managing tasks, and time are a poignant issue. So what better device than an iPhone? To be quite honest, I hardly use my notes app on my iPhone. This can be attributed to an odd format and/or awful user interface. That is where Clear enters the picture (which literally entered the picture two days ago).  Clear was designed to help you manage your life without adding clutter. It’s a beautifully-designed, gesturally-driven app that was created to flexibly keep quick, simple to-do lists.  I have an MBA list, grocery list, B&M list, and a to-do list. This single app has helped me simplify, get organized, and free up some much needed minutes. Check it out in action below!


swipe right to check off an item

swipe left to delete one

pinch to close the list

pull down to create a new one

tap and hold to reorder


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