World’s Largest Rope Swing

2 Mar

Let’s be honest, I was pretty fortunate to grow up where I did. I consider the south, especially Georgia, to be God’s country. My parent’s home is in the northern part of Georgia and provided me with quite the opportunity for an adventurous boyhood.  Stretching from the canopy of the white oaks surrounding my home were vines that strong enough for you to climb. I called them monkey vines and still do (though I just spent about five minutes trying to find their real name…feel free to help). However, I quickly realized that these vines, after a quick blow with a hatchet to the bottom would swing loosely. At this point I would stretch them as far in one direction as I could and swing away. This provided hours of ample entertain and excitement. I remember those feelings well. Now, imagine being a grown and responsible adult (in Moab, Utah) with the desire to relive those same feelings. Enter Devin Graham, his friends, the world’s longest rope swing, and the Cultivated Mind’s friday extreme video! Enjoy!



One Response to “World’s Largest Rope Swing”

  1. Ron March 2, 2012 at 12:06 pm #

    That was incredible. Took a lot of guts to be the first one to jump…. so sick!

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