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Cudi The Kid

25 Apr

Honestly folks, when I first heard of this song I  did not know what to think. Three heavyweights in music (Kid Cudi, Steve Aoki, and Travis Barker) from their extremely different genres collaborating on one song? Sounds interesting, but could it be good? The answer: Yes. Cudi The Kid has a crazy amount of drums (Thank you Travis Barker), a chill flow provided by Kid Cudi, and bass drops from Steve Aoki that would impress Skrillex. Working with Jam Sutton brought the Cudi The Kid video to the next level… It is visually stunning. Check it out! Enjoy!


irector / Edit / Post & VFX: Jam Sutton
Production: Doomsday Entertainment
Exec. Producer: Danielle Hinde
Producer: Sarah Park
Prod. Manager: Brooke Kennedy
DP: David Myrick
AD: Chad Nicholson
Set PA: Garrett Fiersten, Matt Modica, Markus, Paolo Jones
DP AC: Ryo Kinno, Eric Watson
Gaffer: Damion Shippen
Key Grip: Colin Stoye
Makeup/Hair: Lauren Dacey
Art Director: Ashley Fenton

We’re Not Young.

18 Apr

It’s hump day…so I may as well shake things up a bit. No extreme content post, no sartorial post, no product review post, and no inspirational quotes today. Today, is a simple video, a parody of  FUN. We Are Young. It’s pretty funny. Enjoy!

This is your dream.

16 Apr

Enroll in class.

12 Apr

Turn your swag off, it’s time to enroll in class.

Entrepreneur? Get Sales experience.

10 Apr

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. This is the one thing all successful people know how to do well.

“If you think of “selling” as explaining the logic and benefits of a decision, then everyone—business owner or not—needs sales skills: To convince others an idea makes sense, to show bosses or investors how a project or business will generate a return, to help employees understand the benefits of a new process, etc.”

In reality, being an entrepreneur is like being a full-time salesperson. But instead of simply selling a product or idea you’re selling your business as a whole.

That’s why Haden says that more than 20 business owners and CEOs told him that sales skills are one of the most invaluable skills you can gain if you want to succeed in the business world.

  • You’ll learn to negotiate.

  • You’ll learn to close.

  • You’ll learn persistence.

  • You’ll learn self-discipline.

  • You’ll gain self-confidence.

“So if you’re a would-be entrepreneur, set aside your business plan and work in sales for a year or two,” he said. “If you’re a struggling entrepreneur, take a part-time sales job. Part of the reason you’re struggling is likely due to poor sales skills.”

Today’s advice comes from Jeff Haden’s column at Inc.

Crazy enough to change the world.

7 Apr

The Lumineers

5 Apr
The Lumineers, following an attention-grabbing performance at SXSW may make their mark on 2012 as the new “it” band. The sounds of the trio composed of Wesley Schultz (vocals, guitar, piano), Neyla Peckarek (cello, mandolin, piano) , and Jeremiah Fraites (percussion) pay homage to bands like the The Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons. The Lumineers play a new generation of rustic, heart-on-the-sleeve music, with timeless melodies and soul-stirring lyrics —the kind that nods to tradition while setting off into uncharted territory. The below track,  Ho Hey, is off their newly released self-titled album. Enjoy!
If you like what you hear, you can stream the whole album by clicking here:

Festival of Colors 2012

3 Apr


The Festival of Colors takes place during Holi, a Krishna festival held at the beginning of Spring. This video was shot at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah during the Temple’s annual Festival of Colors, which is also known as the World’s Biggest Color Party. Lucky for us, filmmaker Devin Graham and photographer Scott Jarvie were some of the 50,000+ people in attendance and were able to capture some amazing footage and photographs. The first ten seconds of this video are simply amazing. The colors explode out of a sepia toned film.  The footage fits beautifully to Musician Kyle Andrew’s song Sushi. Enjoy!



Work from the outside in.

2 Apr

It has been many years since my last cotillion, and regrettably, I have forgotten much from the time spent there.  The Foxtrot, box step, and other formal dances are distant memories, more than likely from lack of practical use and application. One phrase that has been ingrained in my memory though is, “Work from the outside in,” which is in reference to place settings.  For your friendly reminder, check out this handy diagram for both formal and informal occasions.

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