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Light that Torch, bro.

27 Jul

This was certainly the most epic moment in this guy’s life.


Redefining Collaboration

26 Jul

Today’s advice comes from Jeff Jones, executive vice president at Targetvia Fast Company

“Collaboration is one of those overused words in business today. And for me, it’s less about encouraging people to collaborate and more about setting the example of what collaboration looks like.”

There are two age-old sayings that back up what Jones is saying: “Show, don’t tell” and “Actions speak louder than words.”

The term collaboration is often loosely thrown around at conferences, in meetings, and in company mission statements. Without action to back up the word, collaboration is just that: a word. Business owners should be an example of the definition. Rather than telling people to collaborate, show them what it means to do so—lead by example.

“As a leader, I have to be prepared to set the right tone, to demonstrate the behavior that I want in others, and try to create the total conditions that allow people to do their best work together. Just telling people to collaborate never works, but establishing the framework and setting the right example is what I try to do.”

KRIS by Brian Elmquist

24 Jul

“Brooklyn songwriter Brian Elmquist releases his latest EP KRIS. Inspired by legendary country songwriter Kris Kristofferson, KRIS represents an exploration of the genre that has shaped Elmquist’s writing throughout his career. With this release, Elmquist exhibits his deep southern roots and value of making music with a community of great friends, including: Becky Elmquist, Brian Griffin, Matt Knapp, Ben Mars, Brian T. Murphy, Chris Q. Murphy, Melanie Penn, Kanene Pipkin and Zach Williams. Produced and recorded by Brian T. Murphy. Mixed and mastered by Jeremy Griffith. Recorded live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with Manhattan as its backdrop, KRIS is a Brooklyn ode to country music.”

Listen to KRIS in its entirety for free, or buy it for $8, here:

Learn more about Brian

Follow Brian on twitter: @BrianElmquist




Butter + Love

19 Jul

“Cookies are made of butter and love.” ~ Norwegian Proverb

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Company Spotlight! Introducing Butter + Love, a cookie company inspired by “family recipes, herb gardens, and all things delectable and lovely.” I have had the Gingerbread Mustache cookies, and must say they are amazing. Check out the following video of the Broadway actress-turned-baker, Alison Walla, as she shares her story of creating this one of a kind cookie company from scratch in order to share her “edible labors of love” with the world. Grab a cookie and enjoy!

Buy some of these amazing cookies at

…and be sure to follow Butter + Love on Twitter (@butterpluslove) and include #GoodWord on all tweets!

Video Credits:

Producer & Creative Director: Monica McCarthy
Director of Photography: Jason Koontz
Editor: Jason Koontz
2nd Camera Operator: Adam Koontz


Twitter: @butterpluslove

Meet The Superhumans

18 Jul

Missing Flowers

17 Jul

I love this image and concept. All I see is potential.  Please let me know if you know who this piece is by as I would love to have it hanging in my house.

The Difference Between An Idea And An Opportunity

12 Jul

Today’s advice comes from Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora, via Fast Company:

“The difference between an idea and an opportunity is what really defines entrepreneurship. I think entrepreneurs are people who are gamed to jump in and see if there’s a connection, if an idea is indeed an opportunity.”

According to Westergren, an opportunity is the result of a good idea and entrepreneurs that go after ideas they strongly believe in are likely to create their own opportunities.

The difference between opportunity and an idea is execution and action; you merely think of ideas, but you take opportunities. Understanding the difference is vital for success, in business and in life.

“It’s also true that some of the greatest opportunities were ideas that at the time didn’t really seem like good ideas. And I think entrepreneurs are the folks who are willing to take a chance and find out.”

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