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KRIS by Brian Elmquist

24 Jul

“Brooklyn songwriter Brian Elmquist releases his latest EP KRIS. Inspired by legendary country songwriter Kris Kristofferson, KRIS represents an exploration of the genre that has shaped Elmquist’s writing throughout his career. With this release, Elmquist exhibits his deep southern roots and value of making music with a community of great friends, including: Becky Elmquist, Brian Griffin, Matt Knapp, Ben Mars, Brian T. Murphy, Chris Q. Murphy, Melanie Penn, Kanene Pipkin and Zach Williams. Produced and recorded by Brian T. Murphy. Mixed and mastered by Jeremy Griffith. Recorded live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with Manhattan as its backdrop, KRIS is a Brooklyn ode to country music.”

Listen to KRIS in its entirety for free, or buy it for $8, here:

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