Sell out, without selling out!

11 Aug

Today’s advice comes from skateboarder Tony Hawk in his interview with

“People don’t call you a sellout until your stuff finally sells.”

When Hawk, a professional skateboarder, gained attention for his video game, others in his industry began to suspect that he had become a “sellout.”

He says that, instantly, there was a backlash and it was because he was gaining too much popularity and getting successful for someone who’s just “a skateboarder.”

But Hawk says you can’t worry about things like that. You have to do what you believe in, and if people think you’ve become a sellout, it’s because you’re now someone they’ve heard of.

“Skaters are very finicky about anything where skating is maybe taken outside of the core industry and taken elsewhere. I feel good about how I represent skating and I just keep going.”


One Response to “Sell out, without selling out!”

  1. DAran August 15, 2012 at 6:17 pm #

    Thank you for this news! do you might if i share this?

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