Be more generous as a company!

15 Aug

Today’s advice comes from Adrian Greniar, actor and cofounder of SHFT, via Fast Company:

“Consumers are becoming more and more contentious and demanding that companies be more social conscious.”

The “Entourage” actor is the co-founder of SHFT, an organization that aims to “convey a more sustainable approach to the way we live through video, design, art and culture.” Greniar believes that donating money to a cause is beneficial in two major ways: it gives back to the community and provides a more conscious image for the business. The actor also believes that the company’s commitment to setting aside money for charity is appealing to customers.

“So when you are a company and you are being more generous as a company, like Stonyfield, who gives away 10 percent of their profits to green causes, you are actually building your customers.”


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