Know Your Consumers Better Than Your Competitors Do

16 Oct

Today’s advice comes from our interview with Jeff Jervik, CEO of Elements Therapeutic Massage:

“We continue to do the research to make sure that we’re delivering, that we have customer satisfaction, tools that tell us what our consumers say we’re doing well, what we could do better, and we continue to listen to the consumer, and continue to improve.”

Entrepreneurs looking to launch a business in a market already saturated with competition shouldn’t be deterred by this fact.

Instead, Jervik says you just need to know your customers better than your competition does.

When you run a company in an industry with a lot of competitors, it’s important not to assume you already know what your clients want. Talk to consumers and allow them to tell you themselves; it will give you a leg up in the market.

“Make sure that you’ve done your homework and that you know what it is your consumer is really looking for so that when you start your business you’re not trying to figure that out once you open your doors.”

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