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It’s a new era in fashion

28 Nov

“It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.”

— Alexander McQueen

Guangzhou 2012 – Timelapse

26 Nov

The following video content, captured and produced by Zweizwei, is nothing short of phenomenal, and pairs extremely well with Passion Pit’s Swimming in the flood.  Zweizwei covered three cities in this video: Guangzhou, Shangai, and Shenzhen. Truth be told, this video left me excited about the colorful nightlife that I hope to encounter in Shanghai . Counting the days til my trip! Enjoy!




Цейтраферная съемка в движении / time-lapse photography in motion

China (Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen 27.02.12 – 14.03.2012)

Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 60D
peleng 8mm/3.5
tokina 11-16mm/2.8
Samyang 14mm/2.8
sigma 24mm/1.8
canon 50mm/1.4
canon 70-200mm/4lis
NDx16, NDx1000, NDx2000, c-pl

music: OST_Enter_the_Dragon – The Island & Passion Pit – Swimming in the flood

be careful with your freedom.

25 Nov

1 Corinthians 8: 9

Marriage Corner

19 Nov

In Shanghai, China, thousands of anxious parents congregate every Sunday morning attempting to  find their sons and daughters a suitable partner for marriage.  Maybe I should add this to my list of places to visit on my trip!?!?


Wisdom… and Understanding.

18 Nov

Proverbs 4:7

An Awesome Wave

16 Nov

On September 19th [2012], I had a conversation with a good friend of mine, LHK IV, founder of Cause A Scene. The conversation was about music, more precisely, my interest in his view of any and all bands that may one day be considered game changers in the music industry. Historically, I find myself  listening to a handful of the same albums for an extended period of time, and at the time of the conversation I really wanted to break this cycle with something ‘new’ and ‘exciting.’ Enter LHK IV’s recommendation, Alt-J, and their album An Awesome Wave. I purchased it through iTunes immediately via my iPad. I was going to delay my first listen for a flight to California the next morning, but temptation got the best of me, an I gave it a spin immediately. It was everything I was looking for and so much more. This album has a lot of depth for a debut album (released in 2011 in the UK). Honestly, it’s been a little over 8 weeks since I purchased An Awesome Wave and I am still thoroughly enjoying it. Since I like it this much, I had to post it. For your listening pleasure, check out the album in its entirety below. Enjoy!

Defining modern fashion

14 Nov


“I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now – no one wears head-to-toe designer anymore.”

-Alexander McQueen

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