The Wizard’s Eye Expedition

15 Mar

Fear of the unknown has haunted Captain Tyler Bradt from an early age. Holding the world record for the highest waterfall ever run in a kayak (189.5 foot Palouse Falls), Tyler now sets off on an entirely new adventure – to explore our planet and to confront his fears.

With a 45-foot, 20-ton steel hull boat built for the world’s most demanding environments, he and his wild demographic of friends, extreme sport professionals, and others met along the way will circumnavigate the planet searching out and living the most off-the-wall experiences and extreme stunts.



Become part of the expedition at and
Launching March 2013 with support from | | | | | |

Return To Gulu – *shels [song provided courtesy of, p + c Shelsmusic 2013]

Max Richter – Berlin by Overnight

Two Circles – Winston Morris

Additional Footage – Special Thanks
Underwater Shots, Aaron Eveland – Makai Creative []
Kite Surfing, Scribblevision []
Volcano, Michael Fletcher []

Sponsorship and media inquiries contact Tyler Bradt –


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