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The Instaglasses Concept

10 Jul


Concept created and designed by Markus Gerke:

The Monkey Fist Knot

16 Dec

On a recent trip with my family, I came across a store that sold clothing and leather goods. One item in particular that the store carried piqued my interest. It was simple yet sophisticated. Regrettably, I did not purchase this item, and have now spent a considerable amount of time looking online attempting to acquire one made with the same quality of material and care.  I present you with the Monkey Fist Knot keychain.

If you like the idea of this keychain you can use the following to help create your own, from leather or parachord.

the original monkey\

Globe-Trotter Luggage

12 Nov

Can a luggage company craft a product that is well designed, aesthetically pleasing, and capable of capturing the hearts of generations of travelers? Why yes, yes it can. Enter Globe-Trotter. Since 1897, Globe-Trotter has set the standard in hand made luxury luggage. The company was founded by an Englishman in Saxony, Germany and then in 1901 moved to London. Throughourt the years, the company’s brand philosophy has not changed, and it is a simple one – never to compromise the integrity of the craftsmanship. Because of this philosphy, Globe-Trotter should consider adding a tagline or motto to their website and products. Maybe “For Life.”  Because if you were given a Globe-Trotter bag at birth, you would be willing it to someone else at death. As always, some of my favorite pictures to follow, or you can see their entire collection at

Globe-Trotter Luggage

Globe-Trotter Luggage

No Shave November

1 Nov

File:Sigma Chi Founders.jpg

In 2003, the month of November took on a whole new name and meaning. Time to hide the pink bows, and ‘Save the Tatas’ T-Shirts, this month is all about men. “Movember” (a creative way to combine mustache and November) is the month to hide your razors and let nature take course. Why? To support those who have or who have had prostate or testicular cancer.  I have heard the “No Shave November” and “Movember” Rules explained differently. One states ‘Don’t shave’ at all, the other states ‘Grow a wicked mustache.’ Both are simple. When the month is up, treat yourself to a hot lather shave from the guys at your local barber shop or

Here is the 2010 promotional video from the guys at

The following are some sweet examples of lip pets only to be cultivated of the manliest of men:

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Winter Hand Warmers 2.0

28 Oct

Wool-Blend Beer Cozy

With the winter months settling in, and plenty of football to be played, one might need to look past their go-to beer koozie and step up with the Orvis Wool-Blend Beer Cozy. Orvis states that this koozie is “Perfect for tailgating, ice fishing, or any other wintertime activity,” and I could not agree more. This hypermasculine koozie would make Freud think twice about his mother.  This wool/nylon based koozie retails for $9 and you can get yours through Orvis here…

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