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12 Dec

This. Looks. Awesome. (hopefully none of y’all use this to filter me emails!)

Wealth Inequality in America

10 Dec

I want to live and work here…

9 May

It’s black and white.

15 Apr

ESPN W photo

350 Square Feet = 8 Rooms

29 Jan

How Bad Do You Want It?

22 Oct

It’s Monday morning…and today is the day you finally get to answer the question, “How bad do you want it?

It’s time for you to dictate your own course in life…make your own path.

It’s time to dig deep, people.

It’s time to Rise and shine!


NFL Athlete: Giavanni Ruffin
Twitter: @Giavanni_Ruffin
Speech by: Eric “The Hip Hop Preacher” Thomas
Twitter: @Ericthomasbtc
Music: Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand in Mine

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