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A look inside Oak Street Bootmakers.

2 Mar

Back on October 14, 2011 I wrote a piece on the Beefroll Penny Loafers, which are designed in Chicago and handcrafted in Maine all by the good folks at Oak Street Bootmakers. Update: I still want them. Earlier today, a good friend of mine, who is quite sartorial, sent me the following video, which gives you the viewer a phenomenal first hand look inside the company, all presented by founder and designer George Vlagos. Enjoy!



Oak Street Boot Makers’ Penny Loafers

14 Oct

Recently, while having a sartorial debate, I was asked, “Who would want a pair of finely crafted shoes, made with hand-stitched moccasin construction, complemented with a  leather sole, stacked leather heel, having a form-fitting inner, waxed stitching and handcrafted in the USA?”

Me.  That’s who.

Enter Oak Street Boot Makers who does all of that and more. I have been on the hunt for some nice penny loafers for some time, and the let me tell you ladies and gents, these might be the finest in the land. These are offered in three colors: Blue, Brown, and Natural. I desperately want to slide my feet into a pair of these Beefroll Penny Loafers! (10.5D Natural, Thanks!)







Find them here


Cleaning your Sperry Top-Siders

12 Feb

With winter coming to a close, it is once again that time of year. Time for spring cleaning. This weekend I treated my favorite pair of shoes to a good scrubbing. For me and most of my friends, Sperry Top-Siders are a go to shoe almost daily. What’s great about these show is how versatile they are: dress them up with a sport coat or dress them down with jeans or shorts. And they fit comfortably everywhere from the country club to the boardroom, dockside to barside. But what happens when they have bourbon and Budweiser stains all over them and begin to smell? Follow these steps and reclaim your Sperrys!

1. Brush all large pieces of dirt and grime off.

2. Untie the leather laces and remove insoles (if possible) and give them a good scrubbing using warm water and dish soap.

3. Submerge your Sperrys in warm water. (Yes, submerge them. The shoes were meant to be worn on boats, therefore they were meant to get wet.)

4. Use a scrub brush and some dish soap then proceed to scrub them down. If there are certain stained areas that need more a little more attention, use a cotton ball and nail polish remover to “spot” clean them.

5. Squeeze and shake out all the excess water. Fill from the toe to midsole with newspaper and gently shape the leather to your liking. Set them out to dry in a cool place. Remove the newspaper on day two of drying, replace insoles when both are dry, and set in sun to warm the leather back up.

6. Enjoy your reclaimed Sperrys.

The Monk Shoe

9 Nov

There is not much to be known about the monk shoe. It is a moderately formal shoe, closing the gap between the black-tie oxford, and the six o’clock mass derby. Monk shoes are known for their lack of laces, with a strap and buckle closure. If it has a capped toe, it is usually brogued. Personalize yours with different color straps, different types of metal buckles, and the addition of wingtips.

The following are a few of my favorites:

FIRST PLACE: The Ralph Lauren Double Strap Monk Shoe

It may be the fantastic photograph, or the slightly darker leather brogued toe and the gold buckles. These monks are excellent.

SECOND PLACE: The John Lobb Redmire from the prestige collection.

Bespoke capable and available in mahogany. What more can you ask for?

THIRD PLACE: The Alden Monk Strap Shoe

LAST PLACE:  The Dr. Martens Saxon Duncan Monk Shoe

Sometimes even the thought does not count. Reserve your efforts for dressing Sid Vicious and the members of the Misfits. Thanks for trying.

The Sperry 2 Eye Grey Wool Top-Sider

27 Aug

Delivered two nights ago to my door straight from the creative minds at Sperry are the new Sperry 2 Eye (Grey) Wool Top-Sider. There might not be a more perfect shoe for the fall and winter months then these. I can’t wait to pair these with a finely crafted bourbon come tailgating time. These shoes escalate the standards of boat shoe wearing frat boys world wide. All I can say to Sperry is, “Thank You!”

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