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Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook

1 Apr

Big thanks to NB for sharing this with us.


Apple’s plan for a new Cupertino campus

8 Jun

Is the new “Infinity Loop?” I think so….

It’s a very ambitious design utilizing 55 acres purchased from Hewlett Packard in Cupertino, California. It’s one giant building that would hold 12,000 people (possibly 13,000). The building is circular with “not a straight piece of glass”–all curved. Jobs

Other highlights include:

  • The campus would use its own natural gas generator as its primary source of power and the city’s power grid only as a backup. Weird.
  • The building includes an auditorium for conferences, and Jobs suggests that’s where Apple could hold its big events instead of renting out space in San Francisco.
  • Apple wants to break ground next year, and move in in 2015.





The 1994 Tablet Newspaper

25 Apr

When I saw the following video I was astonished. I cannot believe what the minds at Knight-Ridder (a newspaper holdings company) were developing in 1994, and how much it closely resembles the 2010 Apple iPad. It is hard to imagine what today’s digital landscape could have looked like if the Tablet Newspaper had seen large scale production, a seven or eight figure advertising and marketing campaign, and rampant consumer adoption. When watching this, please realize that it was not until roughly 1994 -1995 that the adoption of the internet in its most basic form had taken place. Knight-Ridder was so close to owning a revolution… Watch this and be amazed!

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