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Andy Warhol x The Rolling Stones Collaboration

21 Dec

Warhol x Jagger


Keep Calm.

7 Oct

We Will Never forget.

11 Sep

Karen Simon. Rise Above,
September 18, 2001.

Alex Spektor,
The Sun, 2002.

Fynnegan Sloyan, WTC Outline

Brian Niemann,
“In Memory” 9/11/01, 2002.

Missing Flowers

17 Jul

I love this image and concept. All I see is potential.  Please let me know if you know who this piece is by as I would love to have it hanging in my house.

The Instaglasses Concept

10 Jul


Concept created and designed by Markus Gerke: http://www.markusgerke.com/

Entertaining Types

26 Jun

Wallpaper Magazine asked various illustrators and graphic designers to create/design a series of magazine covers for their August Handmade 2012 issue. The following video was created by Jake&Josh and is of Alan Kitching, who is described as “one of the world’s foremost practitioners of letterpress typographic design and printmaking.” The video not only shows this master at work, but also hits on an emotional heartwarming level as Kitching tells his story and describes his late wife Celia.


Music: Celia Stothard

Film: Jake&Josh

The Intricate Artwork of Jason Sho Green

2 May


Learn more about the artist, Jason Sho Green, and his work at http://www.jasonshogreen.com/


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