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Wingsuits & Proximity 2.0

21 Nov

The Cultivated Mind’s October 27th  post was about wingsuits and proximity flying with said wingsuits. Since that post, I have found out a few interesting facts. A typical skydiver sans wingsuit has a terminal velocity of 120 miles per hour. Using a wingsuit, skydivers can not only control the freefall more but also increase their terminal velocity to roughtly 140 miles per hour. The following are a few more of my favorite wingsuit flying videos. Enjoy!

Jeb Corliss is known to be one of the most experienced wingsuit pilots out there. The following is a compilation of some of his flights. It starts off with a view of the Matterhorn in Switzerland, and soon you get to see first hand, through Jeb’s helmet camera, what it would be like to fly roughly 140mph down the iconic mountain’s face. Shortly after, Jeb soars right past Cristo Redentor in Brazil. However, probably the coolest part of this video starts at roughly 2:50 when Jeb approaches and then flies through a canyon. The video if perfectly set to Invaders Must Die by The Prodigy.

 This is a perfect video to watch if you have asked the question, “But how do you land?”

It is pretty interesting to see the difference in procedure and protocol of the militarized wingsuit pilots and people like Loic-Jean Albert and Jeb Corliss. This is a video of the Air Force Golden Knights and their world record setting wingsuit run. All told one of the knights traveled 11.51 miles shattering the previous record by 1.5 miles.

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