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350 Square Feet = 8 Rooms

29 Jan

We Will Never forget.

11 Sep

Karen Simon. Rise Above,
September 18, 2001.

Alex Spektor,
The Sun, 2002.

Fynnegan Sloyan, WTC Outline

Brian Niemann,
“In Memory” 9/11/01, 2002.

$13,238.86 left in a NYC taxi

21 Aug

“A love letter to New York City, totally true story. Before you call me an asshole for forgetting my stuff in a cab consider I’d been traveling for 10 days straight always with a producer who was responsible for the gear. This one time I offered to take it. Was distracted with my cell phone, the bags were in the trunk and I was dead tired. These things happen in life.”

– Casey Neistat

See the original New York Times OpDoc posting by Casey Neistat here — http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/25/opinion/taxi-lost-and-found.html

Butter + Love

19 Jul

“Cookies are made of butter and love.” ~ Norwegian Proverb

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Company Spotlight! Introducing Butter + Love, a cookie company inspired by “family recipes, herb gardens, and all things delectable and lovely.” I have had the Gingerbread Mustache cookies, and must say they are amazing. Check out the following video of the Broadway actress-turned-baker, Alison Walla, as she shares her story of creating this one of a kind cookie company from scratch in order to share her “edible labors of love” with the world. Grab a cookie and enjoy!

Buy some of these amazing cookies at www.butterpluslove.com

…and be sure to follow Butter + Love on Twitter (@butterpluslove) and include #GoodWord on all tweets!

Video Credits:

Producer & Creative Director: Monica McCarthy
Director of Photography: Jason Koontz
Editor: Jason Koontz
2nd Camera Operator: Adam Koontz


Web: butterpluslove.com
Twitter: @butterpluslove
Facebook: facebook.com/butterpluslove
Pinterest: pinterest.com/butterpluslove


4 Mar

Everlane, an online apparel and dry goods company that is sign-up only, is offering a new kind of retail experience. The folks behind it have set out to challenge the conventions of the apparel industry and build a new retail model. The idea blossomed from one little industry fact: Your typical designer shirt sells for 8 times what it cost to make. Everlane has cut out the middle man and has no brick and mortar stores. This has allowed Everlane to create fine luxury basics, all for under $100, which they release on a monthly basis. Currently they sell t-shirts, iPhone covers, and tote bags. They carried neck ties and bow ties but I missed my opportunity on those. However, I was provided the opportunity to acquire a t-shirt from them and chose the men’s v-neck in brick. Their shirts are made of 100% combed supima cotton and made in Los Angeles.

Everlane states that their shirts, “undergo a special garment-dying and washing process to capture the perfect muted shades and ensure extra softness.” This has to be true! The fit and feel of the shirt is extraordinary, the brick color is vibrant, and at the $15 price point, it will not be the last one in my closet. Hopefully, I can get a wood iPhone cover before those sell out! I am anxious to see where Everlane is heading and its future offerings!

Click the following link to sign up for Everlane‘s service and start getting these deals now! https://www.everlane.com/i/t36i2fly 

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