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Cudi The Kid

25 Apr

Honestly folks, when I first heard of this song I  did not know what to think. Three heavyweights in music (Kid Cudi, Steve Aoki, and Travis Barker) from their extremely different genres collaborating on one song? Sounds interesting, but could it be good? The answer: Yes. Cudi The Kid has a crazy amount of drums (Thank you Travis Barker), a chill flow provided by Kid Cudi, and bass drops from Steve Aoki that would impress Skrillex. Working with Jam Sutton brought the Cudi The Kid video to the next level… It is visually stunning. Check it out! Enjoy!


irector / Edit / Post & VFX: Jam Sutton jamsutton.com twitter.com/jamsutton
Production: Doomsday Entertainment
Exec. Producer: Danielle Hinde
Producer: Sarah Park
Prod. Manager: Brooke Kennedy
DP: David Myrick
AD: Chad Nicholson
Set PA: Garrett Fiersten, Matt Modica, Markus, Paolo Jones
DP AC: Ryo Kinno, Eric Watson
Gaffer: Damion Shippen
Key Grip: Colin Stoye
Makeup/Hair: Lauren Dacey
Art Director: Ashley Fenton

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