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Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist

19 Dec

See how the world searched the internet in 2011….


Google: Zeitgeist and the Dead Sea Scrolls

28 Sep

To put it simply, it has been an incredibly busy week for those at Google… Here are some highlights: Google  introduced the Google Wallet, Google partnered with the Israel Musem to release access to the Dead Sea Scrolls, and also held the Google Zeitgeist conference.

Larry Page at Zeitgeist Americas 2011 with Q&A with Eric Schmidt

This is a great video for all of the Google fanboys of the world. On Google’s 13th birthday, Larry Page essentially speaks on his vision for Google. Like any great orator, Page knows his audience and delivers a clean and concise message. Page reveals a little about himself when speaking about his childhood and his admiration for Nikola Tesla. This information is woven directly into his vision for Google’s future where Page states, “Google has a healthy disregard for the impossible.”


Access to The Dead Sea Scrolls for all!

To celebrate the Jewish New Year the Dead Sea Scrolls are now online and accesible to all! It is a project of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, and powered by Google technology.

Explore them at http://dss.collections.imj.org.il.

Google Wallet

Utilizing Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, the Google Android software, and the Nexus S 4G by Google (available on Sprint), Google was able to develop and release the Google Wallet. It is rather limited in practice, since it can only be used with one phone and on one carrier. However, Google has laid the foundation for exponential growth by partnering with Citi, MasterCard, First Data, and with acquistion of Motorola. 



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